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The SPINE20 recommendations documents to the G20 leaders

Fuente: SPINE20 // 10.12.2020

It´s our pleasure to present to you the SPINE20 recommendations documents to the G20 leaders.  

With your valuable contribution, we were able produce two recommendations documents. 

The first document is the SPINE20 Recommendations Executive Summary, that will be sent to the G20 Sherpa, in Saudi Arabia as the host country of the G20 Summit 2020. The second document (SPINE20 Recommendations packs) is a detailed document complementing the Executive summary document, with references & website links. Both of these documents & more information are also available on the website: 

The inaugural SPINE20 summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia November 10-11 discussed and vetted the recommendations proposed. It is the desire of the SPINE20 leadership to involve spine societies & experts around the world, listen to their voices and incorporate participants’ comments. All comments by participants (email and chat) were collected and classified into the relevant proposed recommendations. The comments were then reviewed by three independent evaluators to determine whether they challenge or support the recommendations and supporting text. If consensus was not reached by the three independent reviewers, the comment was brought to the Recommendation and Publication Committee for decision of appropriateness. All comments from participants were acknowledged and incorporated into the current text or moved as suggestions for the next SPINE20 Conference in Italy. 

In all 137 written comments were received. One recommendation was changed due to lack of evidence and reformulated. Excellent suggestions for future topics were recorded and will be reviewed for the next SPINE20 meeting in Italy 2021.  The Recommendation and Publication Committee thank all SPINE20 participants for their valuable insight, thoughtful suggestions, and important contribution. 

Looking forward to seeing you in SPINE20 Italy, 2021

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